Everyone is diving into the blogging venture because it has proven that it can be profitable and fun if you enjoy what you are writing about.

It is always advisable to create social media accounts for your blog so that you can expose it more to people because almost everyone is on one social network like Twitter or Facebook so these networks also provide traffic to blogs if you post your links there.

So today we are going to look to a simple tool which each and everyone of you could use to automatically share their blog post links to their favourite social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pininterest and the wonderful tool that does that is called IFTTT.

IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” is a free platform for creating automatic tasks which help you ease on your load of online work, there are thousands of features it has but for us we are focussing on auto sharing your blog posts to your social media accounts, so let's begin.


Click here to sign up and confirm your email to finish registration or you can skip that if you sign up using your Facebook or Google account.


After registration, you will be taken to a screen saying that you choose a service you regularly use but you need to close that and after click on the search bar and type a service for example Facebook page because we want to be automatically be posting our blog posts to our facebook pages.

So after typing there facebook page or any service such as Pinterest, it will come up and you will just need to select it. After selecting it, you will see a number of applets available that work with Facebook pages so you just have to pick one.

There are a number of applets you could use for auto sharing blog posts to a facebook page ;

  • RSS feed to FB Page ( that's if you use blogspot or other un common blogging platform )

  • Wordpress to FB Page ( That's if you have a self hosted wordpress site)


After choosing the applet you want to be using for auto sharing your blog posts, it will ask you to give it permission to your social media accounts depending on applets you chose, if you chose Facebook pages applet then you will give IFTTT access to your Facebook to automatically be sharing your blog posts. (N.B:Its secure, don't worry)

NOTE: If you used the Wordpress to FB page then you will also need to give access to your site before the platform starts auto sharing your blog posts to your favorite social networks.

IMPORTANT: About giving IFTTT permission to your accounts for auto sharing, once you change your password then it will stop auto sharing until you update your permission details but it will notify you via email if you forget.

After you have given all the required permissions then your applet will become active and you will be able to auto sharing your blog posts as soon as they get published without doing it one by one.

So I think that's it, I have taught you how to automatically share your blog posts to your favorite social networks. I apologize for not including pictures in the tutorial but feel free to ask anything in the comments if you didn't understand somewhere.